Jan.15 Box turtles I have met

Just a few of the 120 or so box turtles I have met and recorded in our forest over the past four years. The variety of “scute”(scale) patterns, even in our small population, is truly amazing. Some individuals are so unique, I recognize them right away if I’ve seen them once in the past.

Wasn’t looking for any of them, just happened to be there when they were too. After a warm rain is the best time to bump into a box turtle. All box turtles should be sleeping underground now, though I did see one that had surfaced last December on a 70+ degree day. When they emerge in April they’re covered with mud.100_4892


2 thoughts on “Jan.15 Box turtles I have met

  1. conrad selle

    Nice variety of patterns. My sister tells me there is a “snake road” south of Carbondale IL wheres snakes migrate from the cliffs to the swamp and back in the spring and the fall and it is closed so snakes can cross safely. Maybe Union County.


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