Dear Readers March 5

Thank-you so much for your support! If you are viewing this in your email, please consider going to the website to get the best reading and viewing experience. (The whitetail deer post just before this one is missing a photo in your email version).

I am so glad that so many people enjoy reading about our amazing little forest in the city! Feel free to tell me if there is something in our forest you’d like me to write about.


The young man in the picture is Colin Copler, an Environmental Science major at Bellarmine, and recent LNC intern. He was tasked with cutting every wintercreeper vine climbing a tree that he could find. He met his match with this massive “old growth” specimen and had to go get a bigger saw! Thank-you to Colin and all the  great volunteers (you know who you are), who keep plugging away to realize the vision of forest revival.





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