12/9 Liquid Frozen

P1120402 (3)

I’ll bet some readers will recognize this odd, but relatively common natural phenomenon. If you don’t know what it is, the convoluted spirals may seem rather fantastical; reminiscent more of old-time ribbon candy than something in nature. Black and white images can make the familiar strange, and the unfamiliar even stranger…

P1120401 (2)

Another view of the same crystalline creation, usually observable for just a few days a year, and only in the range of certain common perennial plants (that’s a clue).

So what is it? Share if you know – the next post will enlighten on the science of how it happens, as soon as I have researched the details myself!







10 thoughts on “12/9 Liquid Frozen

  1. Jim Carter

    Yes, Frost Flowers or Ice Flowers and probably on White Crownbeard, Verbesina virginica. The weather in SC is appropriate if you can find White Crownbeard. Finding the plants at the right time is the key.


    1. oneforestfragment

      This is the right time of year to find them; early morning after a night of below freezing temp.’s. Need to find a weedy area with White Crownbeard, Verbesina virginica, a tall perennial that’s relatively common in this area.


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