7/6 Beargrass Creek – the Video


It’s a first! The first ever video featuring Beargrass Creek State Nature Preserve and  oneforestfragment, is now on the Beargrass Thunder show.


          Beargrass Creek State Nature Preserve: An Epic journey

Thanks to my new friends Jody Dahmer and Richard Stottman, I agreed to do an interview style video about the forest, little realizing what this meant. Though I’ve taken great care to keep myself out of the limelight, the opportunity to share what’s been happening in our “urban wild” was not to be missed. There are two videos – a short one  that introduces the work of the Forest Stewards, and a longer one about the preserve.

Richard and Jody are working to revive an area along the South Fork in Beuchel, and have recently created the podcast to highlight environmental and nature related issues in particular. I hope you’ll check out all their great videos, and subscribe to the show.

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