8/2 Native Plant and Butterfly Walk


Spicebush Swallowtail larva

And it’s tomorrow! And it’s free! (Sorry about the short notice).

If you’ve been enjoying all the pics of butterflies on flowers, come out and see the real ones. Hummingbirds are here too, in the Jewelweed. Hope you can join us!

“Native Plant and Butterfly Walk”  Saturday 8/3   9:00 – 10:30
Join Naturalist and Forest Steward Rosemary Bauman to explore native plant restoration at Beargrass Creek SNP and how it’s benefitting pollinators. We will walk about 1/2 mile on the Red Maple trail, with lots of stopping to enjoy the flowers and insects. Butterflies are at their peak populations, so it should be a good show!
The walk is free to the public and sponsored by Wild Ones Louisville.

7 thoughts on “8/2 Native Plant and Butterfly Walk

      1. tonytomeo

        We never really get away from the redwoods. Even now, I am still amazed by how redwood country is a different world. I grew up just a few miles away from the redwoods, in the Santa Clara Valley, but coming to the redwoods was like going to another planet.

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      2. tonytomeo

        Anyway, I should ask if you ever noticed that some people get annoyed if you comment on their blogs in other regions. (?) I figure that if a blog is on the ‘World Wide’ web, that anyone can read it. However, I have been scolded for leaving comments or ‘liking’ a post for blogs in other regions, particularly England.

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